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The Shine On Series

Shine On (Book One) 


Emmie Talbot is a quintessential good girl. 
Smart, Southern, Kind
Church Goer
Small Town Seamstress
Aspiring Teacher
A Misguided Moonshiner

Emmie's sole purpose in life was taking care of her moonshine loving step-father. When he is killed in a fiery crash on their farm, she is left alone and frustrated with a mountain of debt. Working as a seamstress for a crazy-old-coot shopkeeper is not the kind of life she had imagined for herself. 

The curious events that surround her step-father’s death send Emmie on a quest for answers. Answers that lead to a dangerous secret tucked away on her property. Stumbling on a moonshine still was an unfortunate event for most folks in the hills of Kentucky. She was lucky not to have been shot on the spot. Emmie saw hope in the steam escaping the curved copper pipe of "Ole Maizy". However, a series of mishaps put her front and center in a local moonshine war.

In the midst of chaos, Emmie is befriended by an attorney recently transported from Chicago. Silas McDowell is a man seeking some answers of his own. In an attempt to find a little roaring twenties glamour in the small town, he introduces Emmie to the underground world of Speakeasies and Blind Pigs. Loyalty, lies, and murder conspire to push Silas and Emmie together or rip them apart. Cloaked in secrets and unsure whom to trust, Emmie must decide to drown in darkness or find a way to Shine On.

Rise & Shine (Book Two)


Rise & Shine is the second book in the Shine On Series.
Emmie Talbot is a quintessential good girl. 
Sweet, southern, kind. 
Church Goer. 
In love for the first time. 

Emmie’s life is a little less complicated. There will be no more working for crazy ‘ole Mr. Thomas and she now has the clues she needs find her real father. Emmie may have the best apple pie moonshine recipe in Kentucky but her bootlegging days are behind her. Or so she thinks. When Max’s condition worsens and he needs the help of doctors and hospitals in a far away town, Emmie is faced with another dilemma. To 'shine or not to 'shine. How can Emmie not rise to the occasion to help Walter's family? 

Silas McDowell’s life is not so uncomplicated. A fame seeking revenuer is hot on his trail. Busting up his stills, raiding his speakeasies, and smiling for newspaper pictures. It is a dangerous time for Emmie to be toying in the business again. Risky or not, she will always Rise and Shine.

Come Rain or Shine (Book Three)

ISBN- 978-1493573707


Emmie Talbot is mostly a quintessential good girl.
Brave, Southern, and Kind.
An ex-moonshiner (really, this time).
And in love with Silas McDowell.

In the third book of the Shine On Series, Come Rain or Shine, Emmie Talbot and Silas McDowell head north in an attempt to escape the shadows left behind in Kentucky. A brush with death involving an iron skillet and a man from Emmie’s past, leaves them hurt and unsure of their next step. Seeking refuge in Chicago with friends and family sounded like a great idea. Ava is there, along with the secret she’s been harboring, and so are the father and brother Emmie never knew she had. What is supposed to be a peaceful trip to the big city turns out being anything but.

While they are away, Bowling Green is burning, literally. When Emmie learns what is happening back home, she is forced to face the dangerous consequences that remain from her past attempts at moonshining.

Silas longs to make her life perfect: buying her new clothes, making her promises, and hiding ugly truths. But Emmie doesn’t want a perfect life. She just wants someone to stand beside her, Come Rain or Shine.

Let It Shine (Book Four)

Coming January 2015


Emmie is once again a quintessential good girl. 

Brave, Southern, and Kind. 

An ex-moonshiner. 

And finally married to Silas McDowell. 


Silas and Emmie McDowell have worked hard to carve out a new life together in Louisville. Emmie spends her days helping with Dr. Stone’s children’s clinic, thanks to Walter and Bo’s moonshine money. Silas spends his days defending the good people of Kentucky at his law firm. They are the picture perfect couple. 


When rum unexpectedly appears in Silas’s speakeasy, he is thrown back into the dark world of nightlife, liquor, and secrets. Unsure who is friend or foe, Emmie finds herself left alone in a new place. All around her, people are dropping hints about the man her husband has become in this big city. Emmie begins to wonder if her life as a newlywed has been as picture perfect as she once believed or if Silas has staged the photo to reflect what she wanted to see.


Emmie attempts to be a good wife, a good friend, a good worker, but is drawn to trouble like a moth to a flame. Silas always said that she was a light in his dark world. Deep down, he wonders if he can ever offer the same light to her. Shadows always creep in when they are least expected, but at the end of the day Emmie refuses to ever let herself or those that she loves get lost in the darkness. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Emmie will always find a way to Let It Shine. 

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